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FUSION-TACK ADHESIVE 100ML (3.38oz)- Bottle

FUSION-TACK ADHESIVE 100ML (3.38oz)- Bottle

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  • FUSION-TACK ADHESIVE 100ML (3.38oz)- Bottle: Safe for Kids use and Non-toxic and high strength compared to basic tacky glues. Perfect for Rhinestones made of crystal, glass and plastic and embellishment projects for tumblers, hats, jeans, shoes and shirts.5
  • Permanent/Washable: This high strength adhesive is water-resistant and waterproof after a 5 day cure, making your projects permanent. The adhesive is fast setting and strong. The bond remains flexible and secure even after 50 washes. Dryer safe on low heat.
  • Dries Crystal Clear: The Fusion Tack glue goes on white but dries crystal clear and can be used on a variety of surfaces. A perfect option to sew & stitch.
  • No Odor, No Staunch Smell: Fusion Tack is solvent free and that means no strong odors during your projects and after cure.

BONDS: Fabrics, Crystals, Textiles, Synthetic materials, Leather and Embellishment Projects! Recommended for hemming and Sewing clothes and textiles.

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