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2 Hour Website Help Kick Start Promo!

Are you having issues with setting up your website for your business? CSB can help you learn the...
Are you having issues with setting up your website for your business?
CSB can help you learn the basics of Shopify and help your site look great!  I'm Laura Milford and I have a graphic design and advertisement background from Tulsa Technology Center. I have worked as a manager for a graphics design team in Bixby, Oklahoma.  I have also been working my craft businesses for over four years using these skills.  I will provide knowledge in helping you kickstart your website and advertisement designs in this booking.
What to expect from your 2-hour Zoom session?
1.  The basics of Shopify and what it means for your business.  We will cover the dashboard, how to set up a domain, and the important basics.  This will include a short financial discussion pertaining to how you pay yourself from Shopify specifically.
2. General set up of one product to explain how to fully set up an item for sale so that you can do it yourself in the future with confidence.  Please have a photo ready to add to your first listing.
3. SEO Introduction and why it's important to focus your attention here.
4. Website discussion and start up design. Please prepare your logo, tag lines, marketing titles, themes, or any requests before our session.
5. Most important! Take advantage of your time with me! Ask as many questions as you would like as this session is designed to help you with your business.
Please Note: Your business information is 100% confidential and will not be used or saved after our session to protect your rights and the privacy of your business.  CSB takes no responsibility after we log out of your store at the end of our session, which you will witness us doing.  You may choose to give "staff account access" that is limited access to your Shopify store that you control.
CSB is not a Shopify trained expert and is not affiliated with Shopify as a working partner.  I am simply a woman with experience and knowledge to share.

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